4-6 June | 2018


Santiago, Chile



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FIEXPO LATIN AMERICA collaborates with Fundación INCLUIR

Every year, FIEXPO collaborates with an organization of the host country as part of the CSR program. This year, we worked with Fundación INCLUIR from Chile, from which alfajores, sweets and handcrafted pieces of wood were purchased and given as gifts for the participants of

FIEXPO LATIN AMERICA celebrated its 10th Anniversary

The celebration of the 10TH Anniversary was held with a Gala Dinner for hosted buyers, exhibitors and authorities. During the event 25 recognitions were given to outstanding representatives of the industry and to the booths that stood out for their staging: Guatemala


JMIC (JOINT MEETING INDUSTRY COUNCIL) together  with FIEXPO LATIN AMERICA has the pleasure to announce the launch of the Iceberg project,  JMIC´s case study program, exclusively for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Iceberg is presented by the Joint Meetings Industry Council and emerged not

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